Monday, October 22, 2007

Fiddle Creek

Fiddle Creek is a beautiful little valley running up into the mountains from the coast. I made this watercolor of it on my day off.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Toastmasters Club

10-12-07 I went to a Toastmaster's meeting with Katy. This was a competition between several Toastmaster clubs in our area. There were three humorous specches and three extemporaneous speeches. Katy gave an extemporaneous speech. It was fun watching how people learn to be better speakers. They'd love me to join but I have enough speeches (sermons) to prepare for already. Anyway, here are some pencil sketches I made during the speeches.

Chad's bedroom

While I was at clergy conference I slept on the floor at Chad's house. Motels are just too expensive! Chad just moved in a few weeks ago at the beginning of school, and he doesn't even have a desk yet! This is a sketch I made of Chad doing his homework on the floor.

Full City Coffee

10-10-07 We had Wednesday afternoon off, so I went to Full City Coffee and made a sketch.

Dr. Jim Lemler

From Tuesday through Thursday I attended the annual clergy conference in Eugene. All the priests and deacons in the diocese get together for fellowship and a speaker. Whenever I get together with clergy I find lots of egos and competitiveness and I have to work hard to manage my anxiety. Still, I enjoy meeting new people and making friendships.
This year our speaker was Dr. Jim Lemler from the Episcopal Church Center in New York. He's a brilliant guy and provided a lot of insight on leadership.

Clergy Conference

This is a sketch of the tables at clergy conference.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

St. James, Coquille

October 5, 2007. This is a three-minute sketch of St. James' Episcopal Church, Coquille, Oregon.

Deacon Bernie

October 5, 2007. I went to Coquille to a church meeting. Deacon Bernie Lindley preached at the Eucharist.