Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cafe Bella

Cafe Bella is a small cafe in a strip mall on the way to Bremerton. It's small, elegantly furnished, with an ultra-friendly staff. There are obvious regulars, all of whom are called by name.

I went there for breakfast this morning and sketched these two guys at the breakfast bar.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Copy of France Belleville portrait

I'm an admirer of France Belleville, whose blog, Wagonized, had this image recently. I copied it to try to imitate her fabulous pen and ink technique.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

St. Alban's Episcopal Church, Edmonds

Today I sttended a Fresh Start meeting at St. Alban's, Edmonds. Before the meeting started I sat under a tree across the street and made this sketch.

Guys on the ferry

Today I took the ferry from Kingston to Edmonds for a meeting in Edmonds. On the way over, I sketched these three guys having a conversation. The guy on the left works for the ferry. He was telling the others about his wife's gall bladder surgery.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

HiLo Cafe dishwasher

Ever since we moved to Silverdale, I've been looking for a funky, down-home cafe for breakfast, but all I've found are franchise restaurants with plastic booths. This morning I finally found the right place - Hi-Lo's Fifteenth Street Cafe in Bremerton. It's almost impossible to find, but it has plenty of local color and charm.

The decor is post-hippy working-class down-home funkiness. The waitresses are young and brash and the place has an up-beat give-a-damn atmosphere. My server had a ring through her lower lip and when I asked for coffee, she sat down opposite me and said, "This is your first time here, isn't it? Well, when you come in, get one of the mugs hanging above the counter and pour yourself your own coffee from the back of the bus over there." She pointed to the wall where the literal back end of a VW bus was hanging with the door open to reveal a counter with coffee carafes.

The breakfast was delicious and cheap. I made this sketch of a young woman washing the dishes in the kitchen. As I was leaving, one of the waitresses stopped me and said, "You forgot to get your free gift. Pick one."She fanned out a set of cards. I picked one and she gave me a hand-colored ticket good for a free espresso next time I come in.

My favorite restaurant.

St. Barnabas, Bainbridge Island

I attended the memorial service for Judy K. at St. Barnabas Episcopal Church in Bainbridge Island. I visited Judy in a care center shortly before her death, and felt the need to get some closure.

The memorial service was quite beautiful. About 16 people were present. An ancient priest with a strong but scratchy voice officiated, assisted by a white-haired deacon and an organist. The church is brick with a tiled floor. the altar was draped is rich white and gold hangings, and the organ pipes gleamed from the back of the chancel.

The organist played "Jesu, Joy of Man's desiring" during communion. It was quite lovely. I made the sketch during the readings and the sermon.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Attempt at winter colors

This is an attempt to use various shades of gray to capture the colors of winter foliage. Just a sketch, but it's a start.

Guy at the table

Another one

Sunglasses guy

In Starbucks.

Starbucks face

Sometimes I go to the Starbucks that's just across the road from our house so I can think and get some work done. I'm amazed at how much I get done with a cup of coffee and the buzz of conversation around me. Often I'll make a sketch of a face near me, like this one.

People sketches

I haven't posted much lately. Partly that's because I haven't had time to do much sketching. I have made a few sketches of people while I'm having coffee at Starbucks, though, so here they are. I'm still learning how to draw the human face, so these are just the decent ones. I've left out all the mistakes!