Monday, June 29, 2009

Old truck at watercolor workshop

Today I went to a watercolor workshop by Stella Canfield. Stella is a renowned watercolor artist and teacher from Bulgaria. She's quite a performer and brings tremendous energy to her teaching. She has a lovely East European accent and rolls all her 'r's.

Our assignment was to bring a photo or sketch to work from . First she demonstrated a watercolor painting for us so we could see how she works, then we went to work on our own painting. She came around from time to time, exclaiming about our work and offering suggestions.

I brought a photo of an old crane truck to paint. I panicked a couple of times when I couldn't get the shape right, and when I botched the colors, but I managed to correct the worst of it. Late in the afternoon she came to my table and picked up a brush to show me how to improve my painting. It was amazing how with a few strokes she managed to completely transform the painting. She painted a wash across the back of the truck, then added details to the crane to make it stand out. Then she slashed more watercolors across the painting to tie the whole thing together. She's a genius!

I learned more today than I have up to this point. Some tidbits for me to remember:
  • Make a thumbnail sketch with shapes and values
  • Paint the shapes
  • Keep the edges soft
  • Put details in later
  • Tie the painting together with washes
  • Push the darks

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dye's Inlet in the evening

A couple of nights ago I made a sketch of Dye's Inlet in the late afternoon. Today I made the watercolor from the sketch. I'm working on skies and reflections.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

St. John's, Kirkland

While I was at a conference at St. John's, Kirkland, I took a few minutes during lunch break to make this sketch. Maybe I'll work on it some more to add some definition.

Interesting face at conference

I made this sketch of a man with an interesting face while I was in a workshop at a conference.

Waiting for the ferry

Yesterday I went to a conference in Kirkland. While we were waiting for the ferry on the return trip, I made this sketch of the cars waiting in line to board the ferry.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Faces at the College for Congregational Development

These are faces I sketched while listening to talks at the College for Congregational Development that I attended the last eight days.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Browns Point scene

This morning again I left the conference center to make an early morning watercolor. I stumbled onto brown's Point, where there's a lovely little park with a lighthouse and a historical lighthouse keeper's house. This is the scene just south of Brown's Point.

Sunrise at a marina

This week I'm attending a conference at Dash Point Center near Tacoma. Early the second morning I slipped away and drove to a marina on Commencement Bay and made this watercolor as the sun was coming up. The air was so cool and moist it took forever for each wash to dry, but I'm very pleased with the result. The scanner didn't pick up all the subtle colors of the wash, but you get the idea.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Three tries at the sunset

This is the view of the sunset over the Olympic mountains from our house. These are three attempts to get the colors and values right.

Coupla guys at Starbucks this morning

Point cabin II

On Wednesday I went to the weekly meeting of the Poulsbo Art league. They meet at Vinland Lutheran Church near Poulsbo. They set up a lot of tables and everyone works on their latest project, mostly oils and watercolors. Well, actually they mostly gab with each other. Anyway, I worked up the sketch I did on may 20 into this watercolor.