Friday, April 30, 2010

Practice portrait 2

I was playing with watercolors and made this portrait. The hot press paper shows the watercolors well when scanned.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Practice portrait

I copied this watercolor from a portrait on Anne Watkins webpage. Good practice in shaping the face with brush strokes.

Winslow Wharf Marina

Today was my day to go to Bainbridge Island for a session of spiritual direction. These one-hour sessions are usually pretty intense, so afterwards I go to a coffee shop and journal about what I learned about myself. Today I wandered down to the docks and made a watercolor of these dock carts waiting at the top of the ramp to the docks.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Benedict House fundraising breakfast

This morning at 7 AM I attended a fundraising breakfast for Benedict House, a shelter for homeless men in Bremerton. Sister Pat Millen is the director of Benedict House; I made a sketch of the gathering as she talked. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Larry Little

Tonight I went to a presentation on South Africa by Larry Little at St. Antony's. After a potluck dinner, Larry showed us some of his photos from his trip to South Africa recently and described the political climate he found. Larry is a lawyer specializing in mediation, and naturally curious about South Africa. His daughter Liz contrasted his descriptions with her experiences in the Peace Corps a few years ago in Mali.

The question that came up in the discussion was, "Can South Africa survive in the post-Mandela era?" The amazing changes that took place under Nelson Mandel have been eroded by corrupt government and continuing inequity and violence. Larry showed us a charming video of his friends' kids playing in the backyard...and then pointed out the wall that surrounded the yard, making into a defensive compound. His conclusion is that South Africa will have to raise up a leader who can move their country forward into progress.


At the clergy conference on Monday, we had a presentation about emerging church ministries, including a panel of three people doing work with this new and evolving form of church. One of the three speakers was Eliacin, whom I sketched.

Emergent Christianity is a new way of being Christian without the institutional structures that we're used to. Our bishop is trying to nurture this fresh expression of the faith and give it room to evolve and grow. The other speakers were Karen Ward, the abbess of the Church of the Apostles in Fremont, and Jon Myers, who is planning a new community of emerging Christians in Seattle.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I spent the last three days at Alderbrook Resort on Hood Canal, where the annual clergy conference for the Diocese of Olympia was held. We spent a day of interactive talks with our bishop, Greg Rickel, and we had two days with the incomparable Phyllis Tickle, who held us spellbound with her presentation of emergence Christianity.

Yesterday before breakfast I went out on Hood Canal and made this watercolor of the beach near Twanoh State Park.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bremerton Chorale women

Last night we had our final rehearsal for the Bremerton Symphony Chorale Concert that will be held tonight, April 17. While the women were rehearsing their numbers, I sat in the front row and made this loose sketch.

This concert is entitled, "Americana", and it features music that's characteristically American: Shenandoah, Simple Gifts, O Susanna, and Wayfaring Stranger. I love these songs because I sang them as a kid and they bring such rich associations with them. We're also singing the music of composers Aaron Copland, George Gershwin, and Irving Berlin - American classics.

Old garage on the Narrows

My favorite way to drive to Bremerton is not through the concrete and neon jungle of Wheaton Way, but along the winding road that follows the Washington Narrows. It's very slow, but the views of the water are lovely.

Along the way is an old house in poor repair with a neglected garage. I stopped in the driveway and made this watercolor of the garage, trying to capture the dark interior and the overgrown blackberries.

It's funny how my eye is attracted to old neglected things. That's where I find visual interest and variety, and those are the things that make the best subjects for painting and drawing.

Driver's license office

Yesterday was my day off, and one of my goals was to help Guy get his drivers license renewed. He'd let it lapse after it expired on his birthday, which means he has to take the driving test in addition to the written test. So I brought him to the DMV and waited while he took the test. While I was waiting, I made this sketch.

Oh...he passed the written test and made an appointment for the driving test next week.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tracy house (loosely)

Today I went to the Poulsbo Art League meeting where we work on our art together. I didn't have anything particular to paint, so I came up with this watercolor, loosely based on a watercolor I did of our house on Tracy Ave. The scanner didn't pick up the clouds and sky very well...they're actually pretty good.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The garden at St. Andrew's, Tacoma

Yesterday I went to a meeting of the Resolution Task Force at St. Andrew's, Tacoma. It was a lot of blah blah blah. So to redeem the time, I made a quick watercolor of the lovely garden at St. Andrew's with its statue of St. Francis.

Monday, April 05, 2010

Bunker Street boats - third attempt

This is my third attempt to paint the boats down Bunker Street. I like the boat shapes, but I'm unsure about the values of light and dark in the painting. Maybe it needs a big dark shape in the lower left. I'm at the point where further painting may may it worse.

Bunker Street boats again

This is my second attempt at the boats on Bunker Street, just half a block from our house. You can see the first attempt here.

Starbucks guys.

Today is the day after Easter and I'm taking the day off (mostly) to recover from Holy Week and Easter. It's a good day to do something other than church. This morning after I dropped Guy off at the ferry terminal I went to Starbucks for coffee and made some sketches of people.