Friday, October 22, 2010

Old house on Darling Road

Today was a lovely autumn day, with cool breezy weather and bright fall colors. I explored the side roads off Tracyton Boulevard and found this old building on Darling Rd. While I was painting, I saw the neighbors eying me, so I cheerfully introduced myself and asked if it was OK to paint. Naturally they said yes, and the lady even brought me a bottle of water after I'd been painting a while.

It turns out that the man grew up in this house when it was located nearby on the beach, and he'd lived on the property most of his seventy years. His father (the original Mr. Darling) bought the property ages ago and operated a sawmill in the forties and fifties. The sawmill, in very dilapidated condition, is still there - the subject of another watercolor!

Starbucks grandma

I made a sketch of this elderly lady I often see in Starbucks. It's not true that Starbucks is just for young people!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Last night the Bremerton Chorale rehearsed with the Bremerton Symphony in preparation for our concert this Saturday evening. While we were listening to the symphony, I made this sketch of a 'cello player and the assistant director, Gary Dahl, as he conducted the Beethoven piece.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Homeless in Seattle

Today I flew into Seattle from Denver and took the light rail to the ferry terminal. While I was waiting for the ferry, I met Mike under the Alaska Way viaduct. His face was dark, intense, moody. I put a few dollars in his cup and asked if I could sketch him. I sat on the ground on the other side of the tunnel and sketched as people walked between us. I hope he's OK tonight.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Field near La Junta, Colorado

I'm visiting my mother in La Junta, Colorado, in Southeastern Colorado. This morning was warm and clear, and I drove out south of town and painted this sketch of a field in front of some rocky hills. A very peaceful place.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Front Range

On the way to see my sister in Boulder, I pulled over to a viewpoint on Highway 36 and made this sketch of the Front Range of Colorado. I used both pages of the Moleskine notebook to get the panorama. What a beautiful and dramatic place.

On the plane to Denver

I'm on vacation this week, which hopefully means more time for watercolors. I flew to Denver on Monday and made this sketch of my fellow passenger. He slept soundly for a good protion of the flight which gave me plenty of time to sketch him and then add watercolors. The young Asian woman on my right was too polite to watch me watercolor, but she was delighted when I showed her the finished sketch.