Friday, September 23, 2011

Tracyton farm shed

This afternoon on my day off, I stopped by this old farm shed just off Tracyton Boulevard. Recently the house in front of it was vacated, so I was able to walk right up under the big maple tree and set up. I like the juicy colors of the tree trunk and the distance of the shed and the trees.

Friday, September 16, 2011

The old Peterson barn

Last Tuesday I walked on the Clear Creek trail and made this sketch of the old barn on the Peterson farm, and today I made it into a painting. This barn is a beautiful relic from the old days when Silverdale was a farming community. This Sunday is the Peterson Farm Fall Fair, a fundraiser to help save the Peterson farm and keep it from becoming a big housing project.

Silverdale Farmer's Market

Last Tuesday after breakfast I drove to Old Town Silverdale where the Farmer's Market booths were being set up. I made this quick watercolor.


Using my Mt. Townsend sketch as a starting point, I made this watercolor of a mountain scene. I'm trying to move to a bigger format...11 by 17 instead of 7 by 11. This means I'm forced to use a lot more paint and water, which helps me loosen up.

Tacoma street scene

After I dropped Katy off at the airport, I stopped in Tacoma to paint a street scene. This is downtown Tacoma.