Friday, June 29, 2012

Bremerton ferry terminal

Today I rode my bicycle the five miles to downtown Bremerton. Got a cup of coffee at the Starbucks near the ferry terminal and made this sketch of people coming off the ferry.

Mandolin player on the ferry

Some commuters on the Washington State ferries have their own seats which they carefully stake out every time they commute to and from work. Yesterday I took the ferry from Seattle and sketched this commuter while he got his daily mandolin practice in. He played very softly so as not to disturb anyone, but it was nice to hear.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Starbucks 6

This older gentleman was absorbed in his book while I sketched him.

Eagle Harbor Dock

I made this watercolor from a photo I took last Friday at Bainbridge Island and from a sketch I made. I like the way the watercolors are loose. Here's the sketch I made Friday:

And here's the photo;

Friday, June 22, 2012

Rainy day at the Streamliner Diner

Today, my day off, was rainy and dreary, so I went to Bainbrudge Island and had breakfast at my favorite place, the Streamliner Diner. I sat at the corner table and made a sketch until it got crowded and someone needed my table. Brought it home and made this watercolor.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Mom in the kitchen

Whenever I visit my mother, I feel like a little boy again, even though I'm 58 years old and she's 92. There's something comforting about being in Mom's house and seeing all the familiar things. I made this sketch of Mom at the kitchen counter, making strawberry shortcake for us.

First Baptist Church, La Junta, Colorado

After the wedding, Guy and I drove to La Junta in the southeastern corner of the state, to visit my mother. La Junta is a far cry from Boulder. La Junta is a small town, a bygone relic of earlier days when the railroad was king. Its heyday was in the early nineteenth century when buildings like this church were built. As I was sketching, a bedraggled fellow stopped by to see what I was doing. "Pretty cool church," I said. "Yeah," he replied. "They must of been high when they dreamed that thing up."

The reader board on the church says, "Feed your dreams and your fears will starve to death." Hmmm. Wonder if that's in the Bible.

Boulder U District

Before we left Boulder, we stopped for one more cup of coffee in the University District. I made this sketch while Guy read his book.

Joe guitar

On Sunday afternoon, Guy and I went down to the Pearl St. Mall for people-watching and I made this sketch of a guy playing a resonator guitar. He was very interested in the sketch, and checked on it a couple of times. I asked him his name and he said, "Call me Joe."

My sister's house

The wedding went wonderfully...everyone was happy, the ceremony was elegant and bright, and the reception was a pleasure with food and Irish dancing (the couple are in an Irish dance group). The day after the wedding, I relaxed by making this watercolor of my sister's house in Boulder where we stayed.

St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, Boulder

On Sunday morning I got a cup of coffee at Cafe Sole, and made a sketch of people in line for coffee Then I went to St. Ambrose Episcopal Church. The priest had just left on a  mission trip with the youth group, so they had Morning Prayer led by a lay person. The sermon was also by a lay person, a lawyer, and he was a very good speaker. Afterward I made this sketch of the entrance to the church.


In the evening without much to do, I took a photo of myself and made this portrait from the screen on the camera.

Pearl St. Mall sidewalk cafe

One of the reasons I went to Boulder was to officiate at the wedding of my nephew, Will Fulton, and his bride, Kelseigh Schneider. On the morning of the wedding rehearsal, Guy and I went to the Pearl St. Mall in Boulder, one of my favorite places to sketch. There are people everywhere, and lots of colorful characters. We had a cup of coffee at a sidewalk cafe and I sketched these four guys. They were out for a bicycle ride and had stopped for an espresso.

SeaTac Food Court

We arrived at SeaTac airport with plenty of time to spare, so we had a breakfast burrito and I sketched this couple in the food court. The space there is light and airy with lots of people coming and going.

Sleeper on the early ferry

On my vacation, my son Guy and I went to Colorado. Vacation is one of the best times for sketching. I try to get a sketch in every day. We left Bremerton on the ferry, and right away I found a subject in this fellow was sitting right across from me on the 7:20 am ferry. He was dozing so I had plenty of time to capture him in my journal.