Saturday, June 29, 2013

Our house - for Guy

I made this watercolor of our house for my son, Guy, who lives on the Oregon coast.

Tracyton Store

My son Guy moved to Oregon and I miss him. So I made this small watercolor of Tracyton to remind him of home. Then I slipped it in the mailbox in the Post Office and mailed it to him.

Clear Creek estuary -- and a slip in the mud

I made this watercolor on the way to work last Wednesday. I clambered down the slope from Bucklin Hill Road into the deep grass of the estuary and slipped in the mud. I got my work pants muddy and tweaked a muscle in my back. After all that, I got set up and made this watercolor.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Nichols Street House

This little house isn't far from our home, and I love the way it sits beneath the fir trees that tower over it. I spent an hour painting it this evening.

Guy with a beret

People on the ferry are my best models because they sit still so long. This guy was reading a book in the cafeteria. When I sat down with my coffee, I immediately started sketching him and he didn;t move at all.

Airport portraits

On the way home, I missed my connection in Phoenix, and made these sketches while waiting for my next flight.

Hospital room

My sister received a liver transplant at the hospital in Denver. It was truly miraculous. She was very weak before the operation. Her skin was jaundiced and she had no energy. I made a sketch of her as she slept.

Pioneer Square in Seattle

I flew to Colorado to be with my sister while she was having a liver transplant. It's a scary operation and I was glad I could be there. The operation was successful and my sister's recovering, thanks to God. On my way to SeaTac airport, I stopped long enough to make this sketch of Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle.

The wedding ceremony inside the cathedral

I made this sketch of the wedding inside the cathedral.