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St. Paul's, Port Townsend

Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge Island

Our conductor

Charles Reid study

Winter woods again

Winter woods

Learning to draw faces with a few strokes

Bremerton Symphony Chorale sketches

Hillary Clinton


A gray day

Our house again

Our house on Tracy Avenue

Self portrait

Poulsbo Art League artists

Life is fragile; handle with care

Newspaper guy

Bible scholar at Starbucks

Commuters on the ferry

John de Beer and the Klesis Project

Breakfast at Hi-Lo's Fifteenth Street Cafe

Trinity Episcopal Church, Seattle

The Canadian Tenors

The Rev. Norman Stockwell

Bainbridge Bakery

Diocesan Convention 2009

Thursday afternoon

St. Francis

Sheriff's Deputies at Starbucks

St. Paul's, Bellingham

Katy in her chair

Couple guys at the airport

The College for Congregational Development

Ted Kennedy

Honeyman Campground