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Copy of a Snow Scene

Streamliner Cook

Estuary at Lynwood

Allan Futterman, Symphony Conductor

The Rev. Dr. Dennis Tierney

The old Peterson farm

Thanksgiving Day at Margo's

Diocesan House

Seattle skyline

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

Diocesan Convention

Old house on Darling Road

Starbucks grandma


Homeless in Seattle

Field near La Junta, Colorado

Front Range

On the plane to Denver

Ferry to Seattle

Coupla guys in Starbucks

Starbucks portraits


Shipyard gate

Steve's Alley Espresso

Cavalon building

Starbucks couple

Camp sketch

Cape Disappointment lighthouse

Oysterville, Washington

Playing around with color

Vintage Apartments in Silverdale

Pickup truck

Port Townsend

Starbucks laptop user

Seabold Farm

Bainbridge Bakery patio

Claremont Apartments

Streamliner Diner cooks

Bremerton shipyard

Beach log at Point White

Hi-Lo Cafe

Tracyton Public House

Homeless portrait

Bainbridge sidewalk

Copy of a portrait

Streamliner Diner