The schooner Dolores M. Jackson

The Dolores M Jackson

Today after an appointment in Bainbridge Island I went to the harbor where I saw the Dolores M Jackson, a gorgeous wooden schooner, tied to the dock. I started to sketch her and an elderly man came by and asked about my sketch. Turns out he was Roy Jackson, the owner of the boat. He told me he built the boat with his wife, Dolores, over 32 years. He gave me the address of a website that tells about the boat.

I proceeded to sketch the boat but boats are extraordinarily hard to draw especially from a three-quarters perspective. I did lots of erasing until I got it pretty close. Then I started painting but I don't care for my choice of colors. Well, anyway, I learned a lot!


LoriThatcher said…
Interesting web site. Gorgeous boat.

Liked your painting.

Did you sketch it there and paint it later? or do you paint as you are looking at the scene?
Bill Fulton said…
Thanks, Lori. I like to do the whole painting while I'm there. Keeps the painting fresh.