Evergreen Park neighborhood

I've discovered a lovely new coffee shop. It's called Samudra Coffee, and it's located next to Evergreen park in Bremerton. The coffee shop is in the lower level of an old building that houses Samudra Yoga upstairs, and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. When I go there on Friday morning (my day off), it's usually not very crowded and I can relax with delicious coffee and one of their amazing scones.

Last week after I had my coffee at Samudra Coffee, I made a watercolor of the neighborhood just above thecoffee shop. I like the way the old houses seem to nestle into one another as they climb the hill.


Wanda said…
Wow, You are so talented at the water colors. Beautiful!
Bill Fulton said…
Thanks, Wanda! Glad you enjoy them.