At the clergy conference on Monday, we had a presentation about emerging church ministries, including a panel of three people doing work with this new and evolving form of church. One of the three speakers was Eliacin, whom I sketched.

Emergent Christianity is a new way of being Christian without the institutional structures that we're used to. Our bishop is trying to nurture this fresh expression of the faith and give it room to evolve and grow. The other speakers were Karen Ward, the abbess of the Church of the Apostles in Fremont, and Jon Myers, who is planning a new community of emerging Christians in Seattle.


Eliacin said…

thank you very much for the nice sketch. I'm honored.
Bill Fulton said…
You're welcome, Eliacin. I sure enjoyed your presentation. Many blessings on your calling. I see you as one of the priests stepping into the Jordan River with the ark as the people cross into Canaan.