Recent sketches

The Sketchcrawl took place near a Vespa store, so I sketched one of the scooters outside the shop. They look very perky.
I drew this sketch of All City Coffee in Georgetown while I was waiting for the sketchcrawl to begin.
One of the other sketchers on the Sketchcrawl.
This guy was drumming away on the sidewalk next to the Seattle ferry terminal, using old plastic buckets and metal cans for his drums. He was pretty good, and the tourists passing by kept his jar full of money.
Some of the scenery in Starbucks today.
I'm trying to learn how to get the proportions of the whole figure correct, so I drew a general outline first and then filled in the details.
I made this sketch of the grain elevator in La Junta, Colorado, when I visited my mother recently.


Such energy and style. Fantastic!
Bill Fulton said…
Thanks, April!