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Last watercolor of the year

Tracyton community building

My favorite Starbucks

Starbucks gal

Arjen Stilklik for JKPP

Eagle Harbor Congregational Church, Bainbridge Island

Patricio Villarreol for JKPP

La Push Boats 3

La Push Boats 2

La Push Boats 1

Frederic Glorieux for JKPP

Sketchmanni for JKPP

Tim Schorre 2

Tim Schorre 1


Man on the bus

Doing the crossword puzzle

Ramon Carlos Valor portrait

Claire Billinger portrait

Portrait of Magi

Alan Futterman, conductor


Just a few lines

Streamliner Diner

Port of Seattle

Seattle Ferry Terminal

Ferry commuter

A couple of portraits

Tracyton Boulevard Scene

Tracyton trees

St. Barnabas, Bainbridge Island

Symphony rehearsal

Tree Layers

Mickleberry Barn

Pheasant hunters waiting for a plane

Calvary Cathedral, Sioux Falls, SD

La Junta Mill

La Junta Post Office

The train to SeaTac

Guanyin Boddhisattva

Starbucks couple

Two boats

Bainbridge alley

Rooster cafe coffee group

Baptismal a meeting