Miller Bay

Yesterday was the first all-glorious day of spring. The sun was warm and the air was fresh...a perfect day for sketching. After breakfast with friends at the Oak Table Restaurant in Kingston, I wandered my way along Miller Bay, trying to find a place to sketch. I stumbled on the Miller Bay Marina, an old tumbledown marina in a corner of Miller Bay. I started wandering along the beach until I saw a rather imposing gentleman looking down at me. I scrambled up and introduced myself. He had a lopsided grin due to the fact that half his teeth were missing, an unshaven face and a full shock of hair. We quickly established that I wasn't going to damage anything, and we had a nice chat.

I started making this sketch when another man came up, the owner of the marina. He interrogated me about my intentions, but when I assured him I was merely there to sketch, he warmed up. He said the marina has been there in some form since 1910, when it was a stop for the Mosquito Fleet mail boats. It's a charming area, full of character, and I hope a place for many future sketches.


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