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Greaves Rd House 2

Mountain View Rd

House off Greaves Road

Drawing Jam 3

Drawing Jam 2

Drawing Jam 1

Along the road at Stevenson, Washington

JKPP Javier Munoz

Sven for JKPP

Lessa lying down


JKPP Dario Garces

Brownsville Marina

Barn on Paulson Road

JKPP Frinklan

Life drawing November 15 again

Life drawing session November 15

JKPP Tobias Zipperle again

JKPP Tobias Zipperle

Portrait of Isaac

Isaac at life drawing


Big hair in Starbucks

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Bainbridge Island

Isaac in life drawing class 2

Isaac in life drawing class 1

JKPP Herman Schouwenburg

Marie again

JKPP Marie Aschehoug-Clauteaux

Tracyton garage

Life Drawing October 18

Homework at Starbucks

Michael King for JKPP

Friends at Starbucks.


Bible study in Starbucks

Life drawing session October 4

JKPP Tim Flanagan

St. John's Episcopal Church, Gig Harbor

Starbucks 10-01

Jen on bench

Jen seated - watercolor

Jen seated - charcoal

Jen's back

My first life drawing class

Starbucks 6

Victor Joseph for JKPP