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JKPP Olivia St. Jean

JKPP Steve Huison

JKPP Crosquisdenico

JKPP Duckmarx

JKPP Synchotron

Gloria at life drawing

Drawing Jam at Gage Institute, December 6

Patrick for JKPP

Marion for JKPP

Nick Kobyluch for JKPP

Heanu Kang for JKPP

Jane A for JKPP

Clearcut scene near Stevenson, WA

Guy in chair


Life drawing with Abdel

House and barn on Poulson Road

Anat Ronen for JKPP

Old Frontier Driveway #2

Desert Rain

Young woman in ink

Randall at Life Drawing

Sketches from Diocesan Convention

Barge at the Silverdale Waterfront

A few sketches from coffee shops


Life drawing paintings

Old Frontier Road watercolor

Old Frontier Road driveway sketch