Kitsap Valley for Poulsbo Paintout

 I entered the Poulsbo Paintout contest today. I was nervous about spoiling the 300 lb watercolor paper that had the time stamp on it for the contest, so I practiced several times before putting my brush to the contest paper.

The first painting here is the one I entered in the contest. First time I've used 300 lb watercolor paper. It's lovely -- takes washes so easily. I didn't make any major mistakes, although I lost some spontaneity because it was my fourth painting in a row and I was tired. Finished at 10:30 pm last night. I felt good about entering it in the contest.

Third try. The trees on the right got a little confused.

Second attempt. The cloud on the right had a dirty bloom before I washed it out. I like having two trees in the foreground better than one.

This is my first try. I decided that the big tree on the left is too massive.

I made these three smaller sketches first to experiment with composition.