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Mystery Bay watercolor

Lovely morning on Mystery Bay

John Reddinger for JKPP

Minder Farm

Daniel FIsher for JKPP

Herman for JKPP

Augusto Marques for JKPP

Jose Maria Maya for JKPP

Practice watercolor

Rapper on Alaska Way

La Junta Milling and Elevator

La Junta United Methodist Church


Purgatoire River ranch

622 Belleview Ave.

Swink farm yard

SeaTac Airport portraits

Giorgio Bordin for JKPP

Life drawing with Randy

Officer's Quarters at Fort Worden State Park

Pt. Wilson lighthouse

Charles Curry-Hyde for JKPP

Randy at life drawing

Jacques Bordier for JKPP

Farm on Cox Road

Molly Braxton for JKPP

Ferry passenger watching video

Ferry passenger asleep

Untitled statue of mother and child at National Portrait Gallery

Rachel Carson at the National Portrait Gallery

Proserpine at the National Portrait Gallery

John Quincy Adams Ward at the National Portrait Gallery

Self Portrait

Cabin at Shenandoah River State Park

Chad and Brittany's House

Manuel Silva for JKPP

Mountain View Road farm

Frans Schouwenburg for JKPP

House on Pearson Point

Warrington House

Self portrait

Central Valley Rd again

Scene near Central Valley Rd

Christy Binoniemi for JKPP

Virginia Point Road estuary

Starbucks Dad