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Straw herring for JKPP

Dan Harris for JKPP

Five drawings of Terrance at life drawing

Pete at life drawing - charcoal

Three paintings of Pete at life drawing

John Mignault for JKPP

Three paintings of Terrance

St. Antony of Egypt Episcopal Church sketch

Shawna at life drawing Nov. 1

Daniela Araujo for JKPP

Heanu Kang for JKPP

Liana d’Abreu for JKPP

Shawna at life drawing again

Shawna at life drawing, with crayons

Shawna at life drawing

Gregg at life drawing

Shawna at life drawing, 20 minute pose

Randy at life drawing

Randy at life drawing again

Dan Duffy for JKPP

Pedro Martin for JKPP

Randy at life drawing

Shannon at life drawing

Matthew Watkins for JKPP

Philip Shaddock for JKPP

Crosquisdenico for JKPP

Julia Kay for JKPP

Gabrielle Arrizza for JKPP

Merry Fuhrer for JKPP

Tony Holland for JKPP

Belisa Mendez for JKPP

Central Valley Christian Church

Farm on Central Valley Road

Christina Herman for JKPP

Vincent Desplanche for JKPP

Anna Black for JKPP

Paintings from Herman Pekel workshop in Bend, Oregon