Rock Point Oyster Company dock

Today was my day off, so to self-isolate myself I drove to a forgotten place at the end of the road on Tarboo Bay and found a scene just made for watercolors -- the dock belonging to Rock Point Oysters. The fog was coming around the point and through the trees on the ridge. I parked in the grass and was looking things over when a big pickup pulled up beside me. "Looking for someone?" the man growled. "No, just hoping I could make a painting," I said.
"You look kinda lost," he said. "No, I'm an artist. You got any oysters in the bay?"
He began to warm up a bit, and we talked for a while. He said they harvest clams and oysters that they grow from seed in the bay. Right now all their product is underwater because they don't have any market for it. "Restaurants aren't buying," he said. "You can go ahead and paint. If anybody says anything, tell 'em Bret said it was OK." I thanked him and started down to the beach to make a painting. What joy!